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Current Artworks 

Black Hole Sun (2024) - 150 x 200 cm 

Silicon is an element that is responsible for building bones in the human body and therefore for our growth. In industry, on the other hand, the dazzling semi-metal is used for the production of semiconductors and microchips. It could be described as a fundamental interface that is needed for the further development of humans and machines.

Material Traces - KS Room (2024)

Kawaii (2024) - 150 x 200 cm 

Organic indentations meet smooth, screen-like surfaces that appear to be empty and were created through intuitive working processes. The result is a digital fragment, an object that appears to have been translated from virtual space into the physical world. The intersections between man and machine are worked out, through the carnality of the recesses and sometimes also through objects from everyday life. This gives rise to narrative strands that leave it open in which universe they take place. However, it is clear that the reception of the works in the surreal space created is elementary. This is the only way to retain a testimony of the times that depicts the protagonists' transition into a new world.

Round 4 (2023) - 40 x 50 cm 


Rounds / Local Service Berlin (Solo - 2023)

Round 5 (2023) - 40 x 50 cm 

The Japanese term "kawaii", which can be roughly translated as "cute" and defines an entire sub-genre in the art world, is primarily used for figurative or superficially beautiful works whose aesthetics are supposedly more important than the content. It seems essential that the work does not make any specific demands on the viewer. In art history, beauty is mistakenly attributed to a purely feminine culture, a sensitive, considerate, vulnerable person who is not strong enough to cope with the daily challenges of the real world. From a contemporary perspective, the confrontation-defensive artwork is an alternative to strong masculine works that challenge, not least to elevate themselves and thereby call into question male role models of recent decades. The re-contextualisation of artworks that at first glance address superficial aspects could lead to insights into their substantive meaning. One of many possible associations would be courage for humanity, which is inevitably vulnerable, regardless of gender or identification, allowing questions and not knowing in order to strive for an inclusive society.

Synchron Schwimmen (2023) - 50 x 70 cm 

Ghost in the Machine - Gallery Berg (2023)

There is a fine line between desire and despair when approaching the discourse of consumer society in the 21st century. The Silicon series picks up on the complex web of aesthetics and context in relation to the market created for it. This manifests itself, among other things, in the ambivalent production method, which, although precise in its craftsmanship, at the same time appears untouched and therefore embodies common industrial production mechanisms. The series of works is deliberately constructed in an idiosyncratically inconsistent manner in order to constantly reposition itself and thereby blur traces of former classifications. However, it is superficially socialised, so that the audience is drawn to the work almost by primal instinct. This results in a tension between recurring elements that evoke trust and at the same time harbour supposedly unspoken consequences. The dilemma creates wondrous portals that allow the viewer to enter poetic zones of strangeness.  

Lemon [#d9c022] (2023) - 50 x 70 cm 

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