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Mag. art Dr. phil. Florian Appelt 

*1992 in Vienna, Austria 


PHD Study (2018 - 2023) 

The digitalisation of the art market -

The impact of digital media on the art market of the 21st century as represented by galleries, auction houses and art fairs. 

University of applied Arts in Vienna 


Diploma Study (2013 - 2018)

Graphic and printmaking 

University of applied Arts in Vienna 

Symbolism and the production process play a pioneering role in Appelt's work. The interweaving of synthetic and organic materials, like the title of the Silicon series of works, refers to an examination of the connection between human and machine. On a sociological level, the works deal with complex questions about masculine role models, consumer culture and the art market. Interpersonal themes are also visualised through figurative associations with screens and their position as a fundamental interface for communication. An interplay of photomicrographs of everyday life and distorted images of pop culture is embodied in sculptural wall works and immersively accessible spatial installations. The interdisciplinary approach of Appelt's work creates an eclectic, abstract and yet homogeneous image of a society in a state of flux.  

Art & Culture Experiences 

Selected Exhibitions


Projectmanager (current)

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna 

Head of Curation (2019 - 2022)

KAH Platform Vienna 

Projectmanager  (2016 - 2020)

Die Schöne Vienna, Off Space

Gallery Assistent   (2017 - 2018)

OSME Gallery  

Voluntary Work  (Feb. - Jun.  2018)

das weisse Haus Vienna

Collection Assistent   (Oct. - Dec. - 2017)

EVN Kunstsammlung Vienna  

Intern   (2012 - 2013)

EVN Kunstsammlung Vienna  

2024 Art Austria, Austria


2023 Art Austria Highlights, Austria


2022 London Art Fair, Great Britain 

2021 Art Austria Highlights, Vienna 

2021 Parallel Vienna, Vienna 

2021 Parallel Editions, Vienna 

2021 Art Austria, Vienna 


2020 Art at the Park, Vienna 

2020 Siaf, Austria


2019 Parallel Vienna, Vienna 

2024 Material Traces,

KS Room, Styria - Austria


2024 Hidden Layers,

Artecont Gallery, Vienna - Austria


2024 Art[s] 04,

Simone Jansen Gallery, Noordwijk - Netherlands


2023 Rounds, (Solo)

Local Service, Berlin - Germany 

2023 Materiality,

GlogauAir, Berlin - Germany 

2023 Über das Neue,

Belvedere 21, Austria 


2023 Ghost in the Machine

Gallery Berg, Stockholm - Sweden

2022 Traum,

Gebe Fabrik, Vienna - Austria

2022 Passagen,

Fabrik 89, Cologne - Germany 

2022 The Group Show ,

Schwarzenbergplatz, Vienna - Austria

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